LwL Episode 45: Jo Wood on Calon Talks Books

Episode 45 of the Librarians with Lives podcast is a little different to the norm, as I was a guest on Paul Jeorrett’s radio show – Calon Talks Books on Calon FM in Wrexham on 10th October 2018 and I’ve been given permission to release a music-free version of the show.

The story of how I met Paul is outlined in the previous post. We arranged a date for me to go up to Wrexham and be on the show and on the agreed date Paul met me from Wrexham General Station, made sure I checked into my hotel (he chatted to the reception staff while I got settled), took me for a hot chocolate, gave me a tour of Wrexham and it’s public and university libraries (where EVERYONE knew him, and he knew everyone), recorded a brilliant episode of LwL (Episode 44), allowed me to choose the music on his show, and he and the lovely show regulars (Gwyn and Rob) took me out for dinner afterwards. Seriously, Paul is one of the nicest men on the planet.

I can’t begin to explain how much fun I had on the show. I agonised for ages over the music selections. Paul said I could choose ‘anything’, but I didn’t want to push the show’s boundaries too much. In the end I chose 6 songs. Five made it on to the show, only because no. 6 – Music Sounds Better with You by Stardust – isn’t available on any streaming services. I put my choices into a Spotify Playlist, in case you want to hear them. No, I didn’t choose Steps. No, I didn’t choose George Michael.

Much of the discussion on the show was themed around Libraries Week, World Mental Health Day, podcasting and, inevitably, books. The latter was a bit of an issue for me because I haven’t been able to read any ‘proper’ fiction since 2016. Instead I talked about Matt Haig, the Apollo Space program, Sarah Millican, and Jay Rayner. Paul was a generous host, and Gwyn and Rob were absolutely lovely.

I decided I couldn’t replicate the fun I’d had on last year’s Christmas Special, so I haven’t attempted the same feat this year. I’ve recorded more than 30 episodes since then. To say it would have been unruly would be an understatement…

LwL is having an extended break over the Christmas period, but will be back in January. Have an excellent, peaceful break and I’ll see you in 2019.

Happy listening!


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