LwL Episode 32: Ann & Emma from ZSL London Zoo Library

In Episode 32 of the Librarians with Lives podcast I chat to Ann and Emma from ZSL London Zoo Library. I recorded this episode in person back in March, which meant I got to visit their amazing library. They often host visits, so do try and attend one if you can.  The ZSL Library is one of the oldest and largest zoological libraries in the world and their collections are absolutely fascinating. You can access the ZSL Library catalogue here.

Stuart from the ZSL press team sat in on the interview and it was organised by them with assistance from Emma, so he’s the male voice you can hear and the person we occasionally refer to during the episode. The sound levels go up and down a bit as I was trying to capture four voices using my iPhone voice recorder, so the sound quality isn’t quite as good as usual.

We do cover Ann and Emma’s career journeys and CPD, but the focus of the episode is on the library itself. Full disclosure: I’ve been a ZSL member for years and have an almost nerdy fascination with both London and Whipsnade Zoos, which *may* become apparent as you listen to the episode.


The next episode will be released on Tuesday 26th June and stars Matt Budd.
Happy listening!

3 thoughts on “LwL Episode 32: Ann & Emma from ZSL London Zoo Library

  1. I loved this episode of LwL. Listening to Emma and Ann took me right back to my first professional job at ZSL Library 1979-1986. I can answer the question about the ‘yellow cards’ with books that were wnated for stock. Mr Fish the Librarian did it all himself and there was a Library Secretary who typed up all the catalogue cards which was pretty much a full time job. I think it is fair to say Mr Fish wasn’t great at delegation. When I first started the Library did have an excellent card catalogue but we were still adding to a guard book catalogue as well with merticulously typed paper strips that had to be pasted in as near to the correct entry as possible. I wonder what happened to those?

    ZSL Library was a wonderul place to start my career and I have many memories. I also learnt so much which helped so much as I moved into management later in my career.

  2. Dear Paul, thank you so much for your comments – it’s great to hear from someone else that has worked at ZSL! Is there any chance you want to come to the Library some time and take a look around? I wonder what (if anything) has changed… If you’re interested drop me an email to the general library email address (library@zsl.org) and we can sort something out.

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