Umbrella 2011: Session D: That’s a good IDEA – using everyday research skills to become a changemaker

I managed to get completely the wrong end of the stick about this session when I read the conference programme and thought it was about enabling others to do research. How wrong I was! I had about a minute of ‘fight or flight’ when I realised but stuck it out and came away with a full-formed research idea of my own!

Key points:

I = interests, issue, idea

D = develop, discuss, define (scope and boundaries)

E = engage, elaborate, enact

A = apply, advocate, advertise

S = skills

IDEA: A piece of research on the information-seeking habits of social workers.

Why do some social workers use research in their work and actively engage in evidence-based practice? Why do others feel they don’t need to use EBP? Do they define it in a different way e.g. professional experience, gut instinct, observations, etc.


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