Umbrella 2011 – Session C

1. Transparency in the public sector: what is the role of the information professional?

(I didn’t make many notes on this talk, but did learn that there are only two places in the UK that you can be buried at sea. They’re both off the Norfolk/Lincolnshire coasts, in case you’re interested)

Key points:

  • Data has to be fit for use ‘Out, quick and dirty’
  • Info kept in Excel spreadsheets. Makes them accessible but also open to misuse?

2. From practice to publication: professional assistance from the librarian

Key points:

  • Why do people publish academic research and write papers?
  • What are the barriers to doing research? Time (lack of), funding, not great at writing
  • Solutions – write collaboratively?
  • Where can librarians help?
  1. Act as the go-between
  2. Provide access to resources
  3. Referencing and bibliographies
  4. Ethics
  5. Intellectual property rights/copyright


  • Should librarians write systematic reviews? Are we qualified to write them as we’re not subject experts? However, we do accumulate a lot of knowledge ad hoc. How can this be documented and employed meaningfully?

IDEA: offer 1 hr sessions with the librarian to discuss research needs. Could be done over the phone or via social networking/e-mail. Might be useful for NQSWs. PQ and MA/MSc students


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