Revalidation malaise

I registered for Revalidation back in January. I have done precisely nothing towards it since. I had a quick look at the documentation and downloaded a couple of templates and then? Nothing. A big blank space of nothing. I simply can’t work up any enthusiasm for it. What am I going to get from it? A step closer to Fellowship? Do I really want that when I’m in such a funk professionally? It’s not going to gain me anything at work, financially or developmentally.

Why should I persevere with it? Should I cut my losses and abandon the idea? I’d welcome your thoughts…


2 thoughts on “Revalidation malaise

  1. I guess you need to go back to the reasons which made you register for Revalidation in the first place, then with those in mind maybe you need to do some kind of (SWOT?) analysis to help work out whether it’s actually worth the effort involved. I usually find that writing down the pros and cons for something is really helpful, if only because it allows me to see what I’ve secretly been thinking committed to black and white reality!

    I’m probably the wrong person to listen to on this one though – I have yet to even think seriously about Chartering as I really don’t see why I’d benefit from it at this stage, so I wouldn’t encourage other people to take those kind of steps unless they were really clear about why they were doing it.

    Good luck with sorting it out!

    • Thanks Emma – I think the analysis/list of pros & cons idea is brilliant. I just need to work up the enthusiasm to sit down and do it! 😉

      FWIW I think it is worth going through the Chartership process. My main reason for starting it (and for getting it done) was that if life took an unexpected turn I had my qualifications and Chartership to fall back on. I got myself as qualified as possible ‘just in case’.

      When I was considering Chartership, someone already going through the process said to me ‘Imagine you’re going for your dream job and you’re not chartered but you’re up against someone that is. You’d kick yourself if it was the only reason you didn’t get the job’. It was the kick up the backside I needed to go through the process.

      I can’t apply the same logic to Revalidation though, which is the main problem really.

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