Guest post #11 – On putting it off

Our latest guest post comes from Janet Clapton, who wrote a piece for us back in August on fitting CPD into a busy life. She’s back to talk about something that every LwL-er can relate to. The art of procrastination:

I thought I was ruthless. I always did my homework well in advance, tackled years of distance learning while doing my BSc and MSc, blasted through CILIP Chartership….then gradually, I realised all my spare time and energy for CPD had seeped away somewhere. I had become an expert at Putting it Off.
It seemed to have something to do with struggling at work…precisely the reason we need to keep in touch with CPD! In theory. Somehow, growing vegetables, drinking wine, coffee etc., decorating the spare room, dismantling the gas flue (yes – really – two days ago), and washing up, had all become more urgent and exciting. When they were finished – guess what, it was time to go to bed.
Finally, the day came when avoiding CPD had just become too shameful. Revalidation was approaching, and I couldn’t remember where I’d saved the files. I’d submitted a conference proposal on a whim, and not done the research I was going to talk about. There really wasn’t anything less boring to do. So I tracked down the revalidation files and started work.
Fairly quickly, I realised that recapping on what I’d done over the past 2 years was interesting and useful. When I checked files stored on the work server, I was pleased to see I had an email asking me to review an article for a journal. Maybe my enthusiasm had only taken a small, recent dip. Ideas started coming back and it didn’t seem quite such an awful chore. Maybe I would do this more often. Maybe I would even write something for Librarians with Lives….

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